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About Longstaff Cycles

Longstaff cycles have been hand made in Stafforshire England since 1982. Specialising in traditional hand built steel custom bicycles, tricycles and tandems

Founded by George Longstaff we continue the tradition of high quality, fillet brazed and lugged bicycle, tricycle and tandem frames.

Since 2018 Jason Rourke is now the head framebuilder. Bev Longstaff has decided to explore new ventures as Brian Rourke Cycles and Longstaff Cycles have always had a good relationship with mutual respect, Jason took over the brand. He had been helping out recently so it was a natural progression to take over and begin a new chapter in the Longstaff brand.

Do you know what size you need?

What about geometry?
Frame angles?
Saddle position?
Stem length?
Or one of the many other things to think about?
Well there's no need to worry when ordering a Longstaff made to measure frameset or complete cycle. We will do all the hard work for you, and all completly free of charge. With every bike from us we’ll spend as much time you require to get you the perfect bike. We’ll sort out all the dimesions of your new bicycle, tricycle or tandem. If you’ve got a frame you love already we can take all those measurements and build a new one from those dimensions.